What Makes News Interesting?

News is an unaired unread news story of public action, that seeks to influence, inform, or entertain the readers about current affairs. The first necessity of news is that it should not be published somewhere else before first being read by the audience. Usually it is intended for the general public and has to remain objective, without personal expression, criticism, or predictions. It ought not to have been written for anyone special except for the news readers themselves.

News may affect either public or private parties. News can concern any aspect of human life from politics, industry, science, health, arts, education, finance, etc. It may even be informal and trivial but news is always of two kinds. The first kind of news concerns events in the public arena, where as the other kind of news concerns events happening only within the private sphere.

News thus can either make or break the fortunes of any individual or institution. At the same time news conveys important messages like any event takes place, any disease afflicting any person, any crime being committed, and many more that makes news appealing to all readers. News also reflects on the state of the general public or country in general. At times, news conveys serious issues like national security while sometimes, it may be just a local news.

Every news story has an uncommon story behind it. Though there are many stories made everyday, still very few of these are unique in any way. Irrespective of the fact whether a news story is made public or kept confidential, some news stories have an uncommon angle. These unique angles make news stories more interesting and attractive to many people.

News also has a different meaning for different societies. In Asia for example, a serious news story about a natural disaster like an earthquake will have a different impact from a story about a political fight between two personalities. For many people hearing a breaking news story, the only thought in their heads is ‘what was the cause of this damage?’ In the minds of readers, the real value of news lies in the details and in knowing what exactly happened. Readers can get interested in knowing why a particular event happened when they had not thought of it before and this is what makes the news interesting for them.

In a way, different news makes news interesting for all news readers. Since the content of news varies from one society to another, there is no single formula to decide what makes the news interesting to readers of any particular society. However, by observing certain factors such as unusual angle of a news story, the kind of subject covered, and kind of audience the news is meant for, news readers can choose the best story and enjoy it without having to wonder what exactly happened with it.

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