What Does a News Story Entail?


What Does a News Story Entail?

You need to understand the full meaning of news acronym. The abbreviated acronym TODAY stands for National, Time-based events, and Weather. In addition to this, different writers and journalists of news have defined different news items. Therefore, if you look up news you will get different news items. So, to make it simple, news is basically a generic term that comprises of many very detailed sub categories of news.

News items, to make it brief, are those news stories that are significant in some way or another to human interest. They may affect human interest either by breaking a big story, or by bringing about major political events. For example, if there is any huge census conducted in your locality, and if many people come forward to form a committee to conduct the census, then news of this will certainly affect the public in some way or the other.

Today, you also find news stories in the category of unusual events. Such news stories are not only of great interest to the general public, but also to people who follow scientific or technological developments. For example, scientists like to get information on the new discoveries and technologies in this sphere. But, this information is also newsworthy, because of its importance to the mankind. It may affect their lives and future. Thus, the news media loves to cover such news stories.

Another sub category of news is the category of events, where the human interest plays an important role. In this category, you will find many news stories, which would be about common man, but with special significance to the person writing the article. For example, if you are reading a news story about the pollution in Delhi, you may find that the pollution is caused due to excessive cooking of fish in the city. This will not only affect human interest, but also the economic activity of the city. Hence, the writer of such a news story will take great care to include a bit of information about the common man, so that his life is not affected by such pollution.

There are different societies with different cultural values. While some news stories might be very interesting to readers, they will be completely different to the listeners. Therefore, the news writers need to make sure that the comment made in the news report or article, is of general interest to all readers, but is of particular interest to the group they belong to, such as the Indian society or the Chinese society.

The category of news that many people find to be very unusual is that of celebrities. It is not just the celebrities themselves that many people take to be very unusual. For example, if you read news about the antics of some celebrities, you may find many people taking to social networking sites to share the news with their friends. But, while this is an extreme case, the general trend is that news about celebrities will not be taken seriously by many people unless it is of a positive nature.

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