Using New Technologies to Improve News Distribution

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Using New Technologies to Improve News Distribution

The fourth annual New York City Institute of Technology’s (NYIT) News Tech Festival (NIT) is scheduled to be held at the Javits Center, New York on Sept. 8 – 11. This two-day event is an all-day conference highlighting cutting-edge technologies for the information technology industry. “Tech history is littered with the dead trees of failed ventures,” saysPanel Chairwoman Carol Derry. “This conference can steer the way forward, by bringing together innovators and industry leaders in a collaborative effort to enhance and expand upon current information technologies, while developing new ones.”

IIT-trained leaders in the fields of engineering, business, marketing, and information technology can help news organizations and other stakeholders to gain a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies. During the program, they will present findings and suggest solutions. Representatives from companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, and Sun Microsystems will deliver special sessions on cutting-edge technologies that will enable readers to get more out of their news subscriptions, or to keep up with what is happening in their field. Special sessions addressing issues like workforce management, healthcare IT, artificial intelligence, and big data will provide audiences with cutting-edge materials that they can use to advance their news operations.

News tech events also help local news operations. In particular, IIT NYC reporters will present information from this year’s New York Toy and Cartoon Show to give viewers a quick peek into what they missed. Additionally, the event will feature presentations from panels of executives from large companies that represent the interests of news publishers and news operators. They will share how they work with corporate and government clients to develop new technologies for their platforms and websites. This session may also help news organizations gain insight on how to implement new technologies within their operations.

A second focus of the event is to educate audiences about three upcoming events that fall under the New York Toy and Cartoon Show banner. Among these is the new film “How To Train Your Kid.” The first of its kind to come to digital media, the film is designed to educate viewers about the importance of encouraging creativity in young minds. A demonstration will be provided by a local education provider about the social media strategy that is being used in educating kids about social media. Other sessions that may appeal to the media market include news operations that are expanding their geographic reach with digital news distribution and a look at newsroom technology that will allow newsrooms to add streaming video to their websites.

The third focus of the event is to introduce a new VizRT product that will enable news organizations to deliver live streaming videos to their websites. The product was developed by Vizrt, a strategic partner of Cisco. The system is capable of providing live streaming video to websites, which allows for rapid syndication of breaking news and segments. It is expected to be available in the second half of 2021. VizRT will demonstrate its product at the Association of Independent News Publishers conference later this year.

The presentations are just the start, as organizations will need to find ways to use these new technologies to make news dissemination more effective. The presentation, for example, will not help news organizations make the kinds of personalized connections that can only come from truly community-driven efforts. But it does provide a venue for companies to look at ways in which they can better serve their target audiences. In the process, organizations will gain insights about how to expand their markets, how to improve their revenue figures, and how to increase consumer loyalty. All of this can help news organizations to compete successfully in the marketplace and increase their revenues and profits.

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