Three Tips That Will Make You Successful At Making Money From Tech Know Online

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Three Tips That Will Make You Successful At Making Money From Tech Know Online

The most recent addition to the team of bloggers working from home is twenty-something-year-old Tech Librarian, Ashlie Jones. Ashlie is currently seeking advancement at her favorite tech college, however, she does not have enough hours in her day to make it to class. She is also juggling between being a full-time mother and taking care of her aging parents. Ashlie’s situation does not help her chances for getting an advancement in her chosen career field: bookkeeping. She knows she will need a combination of bookkeeping, computer skills, good communication skills, and possibly some good old-fashioned legwork if she ever hopes to find a job in this field.

What is Ashlie doing to make money on her blog, and how does she pay for everything? Her father has recently given her the ability to run her own blog, and so she has taken advantage of her gift to be able to monetize her blog. She started out by selling gift cards and has had such a great success she decided to expand to a more permanent home based gig. This means that instead of a short term gig at a local tech center, she now has the opportunity to work in the office onsite seven days a week, for an entire year. She explains how she is able to afford this out of her pocket and shares some tips on finding the perfect home based gig that she has enjoyed working at so much.

Tech Librarian profiles one of her many side gigs. Ashlie’s real passion is bookkeeping, and she has managed to make herself into a well-known online bookkeeper to lack the background necessary to start her own business. The secret to her quick success is easy enough to understand: she fully utilizes the power of her Web site to bring in revenue coming in without excessive effort apart from a general knowledge of computer accounting principles. She also embeds these skills in her blogs, and as a result has seen significant increases in both her traffic and income coming in on a monthly basis. What was once a casual idea to earn some extra cash becomes easier than ever with Ashlie’s new and easy to use Internet marketing system.

Marketing Your Blog With Facebook is another one of Ashlie’s many established side gigs that she has expanded into with the help of Facebook. She has several businesses connected to her Facebook page, and she enjoys using Facebook as a tool to market both of them. She does not limit herself to selling goods and services via Facebook, however. In fact, she enthusiastically sells almost anything through her Facebook pages, such as ebooks or digital music as well as digital photography, graphic design, and other digital media. She tells the story of how she discovered these many interesting and lucrative side gigs through a friend who started doing them himself, and how he quickly grew into a full-fledged business that sells everything from screen printed t-shirts to coffee mugs.

Make Money With Your Own Podcast One of Ashlie’s other best ways to make money through technology is through her podcasts. She has several well-established podcasting businesses tied up with various popular podcasting services, and she makes a good amount of money with each one of them. As a result, she is able to make almost all of her money from just her podcasting businesses. The two services she works with closely complement each other, and she tells the story of how she found out which company provided her with the best services for podcasting, and how she used those services to make money with her own podcasts. The two companies have remained close to each other since they began offering their podcasts, and she is happy that she can make most of her money through them rather than directly through one or more of the major podcasting services.

Tech Know Online is the third of four parts of her series of online tutorials, which tackles how to get paid from the internet with the help of Google AdSense, paid web browsing and setting up a tradeline. Ashlie tells you about how she uses the previous two steps to make money with the third step, and she describes how she uses AdSense to get paid from the internet using the third step. You’ll also learn how to set up a tradeline with ClickBank, how to use Google AdSense to pay for your blog, and how to make money with your own podcast with the help of a whole bunch of other useful resources. If you would like to make money with AdSense, make sure to check out Ashlie Baucom’s tutorials, and sign up for all of her newsletters so that you’ll be constantly updated on the latest installment of her series.

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