Computer Hardware Components

Information technology is the application of computers to make, use, manipulate, and share all forms of data and information with the help of communication devices such as networks and servers. Information technology is usually used in conjunction with business processes rather than on its own. Businesses involved in Information Technology include telecommunications companies, web publishing companies, e-commerce stores, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, and even individuals. The use of information technology has contributed a lot to the economic growth of many countries.

Information technology is divided into two main sub-disciplines namely Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Computer Aided Design or CAD is an information technology discipline which uses sophisticated software to design, construct, manage, and optimize physical production lines using computer aided manufacturing (CAM) machines. CAM is an industry specific term that denotes software applications that are used in manufacturing operations. CAD/CAM may be subdivided into three sub-disciplines namely Physical Product Design, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and Software Design.

Computers and their peripherals are an inevitable part of information technology. Computers have revolutionized many businesses both at the institutional and business levels. The advent of desktop and laptop computers paved way for improved mass production of goods by eliminating the need for costly floor space. Laptop computers, with their compact size and wireless capabilities, are now commonly found in most offices.

Networking and data transmission is one of the most basic requirements of information technology. A number of computer networking standards have been developed to enable fast and reliable transmission of large amounts of data. These protocols include the TCP/IP, SMTP, ICMP, and ICMP Echo Request protocols. Networking also includes software-based networks such as Java and JSP which enables fast software implementation without the overhead costs typically associated with the Windows family of operating systems.

Computer hardware, on the other hand, includes various types of mainframe computers, personal computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, digital cameras, projectors, and more. Mainframes are used to store and retrieve data, while laptops and tablet computers are used to browse the internet or perform other tasks. Digital cameras and projectors are used for video recording and broadcast by television networks. Projectors are used to distribute television programs by broadcasting them over the internet. Digital cameras and handheld computers are used to browse the World Wide Web and perform a variety of activities such as browsing the e-mail services, viewing pictures, listening to music, or playing games.

Information technology today has enabled people to interact with each other at a higher level. It has also made the modern world a global village. Advances in technology have provided users with a variety of choices when it comes to hardware components. Computer manufacturers continue to develop new and improved hardware components that will make life easier for end users. The demand for computers and their components remains high as predicted, and the demand for technicians will only grow as the years go by.

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