Understanding the Impact of News

News Definition. News is any news that was not known to people before or recent news broadcast on the radio, television, internet or in print media generally. An example of newsworthy news is a newly engaged couple announcing their upcoming engagement in a family gathering. This news story carries much value for those who were not present at the meeting. It gives a clear picture of what really happened and they may decide to move forward.


News as a verb has several meanings, all of which make newsworthy to different people. For example, a newspaper report that tells of a successful mission to Mars is newsworthy to scientists, space enthusiasts and aerospace engineers. In contrast, a news report from an African country that describes a mass gathering of women at a beauty pageant is not newsworthy to the majority of readers because they would not have been present in the event and are only aware of it through the photographs and news blurbs.

The goal of the news media is to provide the general public with as much factual information as possible and to do so in a timely fashion. As such, the media is often criticized for only reporting important and newsworthy events. In reality, most news items do not break the news but rather provide information on what happened. A local story about a missing child or a tornado in a small town that had not reached the national stage would not be considered newsworthy by most readers if it were not covered by a variety of media outlets.

Many readers tend to ignore news as non-essential to their reading enjoyment. Readers tend to seek out news items that will make them feel less frustrated or as a means to an end. In contrast, readers who enjoy the news and who take pleasure in being updated on the latest events often look forward to daily newspapers, magazines, radio and television reports. When newspapers and magazines are unavailable or cost too much, most people turn to television or the internet to keep up on the goings on without feeling pressurized by the pace at which news items are being reported.

Another benefit that readers derive from regularly reading news articles and watching news programs is that news items influence how they feel about current events. When readers are informed about an event, they are more likely to feel positive about the topic of the news story. News items can affect readers with regards to a variety of events including politics, local sports, world events, celebrity news, environmental news and more. Because the news items that are read and watched often influence the way that readers and other individuals respond to certain topics, news provides a powerful form of communication and influence.

Because of the tremendous benefit that news provides, news organizations continue to strive to provide the most current news items and breaking news around the clock. While some news readers may only need a short amount of time to absorb the news, others may spend most of the day reading and following news stories. For those who are not able to dedicate the majority of their day to following the news, many news sources have provided news items that can be read through the internet. There are numerous websites that offer free news stories and news reports, as well as news channels on television that provide news reports throughout the day. The ability to read news and watch news stories from around the world on television and the internet provides individuals and other media professionals with an invaluable resource that serves as an essential component of our modern society.

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